Cost Estimator's acclaimed eBook series

Whether you are looking to broaden your understanding of the core concepts of online estimating, want a summary of the classics of tendering without the sweat or just want to refresh your memory, these Cost Estimator ebooks are for you!

A Guide to Cost Estimating

Covering the basics to get started in Estimating.

The Bid/No Bid Process

The decision-making process on whether to pursue a project.

First Principles Estimating

breaking down the project into its individual components: labour, materials and plant.

Markup and Profit

An overview of what markup and profit are and why they are important.

Cash Flow is King

Why it’s important for businesses in general, and for builders in particular.

JCT Standard Building Contract

Where the contractor carries out the work and supplies materials & labour.

What else you should know.

Below are books, not construction related, that we have either found full of useful information or have been recommended to us by the team, friends and mentors.

no asshole rule
The go-giver
Never split the difference
Disruptive Branding
Scaling people
The Creative Act

The best solution for builders, architects and self-builders

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