Estimating for Builders

Estimator Solutions for Time-Sensitive Projects:

πŸ•’ Relieve Pressure of Quote Requests.

⏳ Meet Tender Deadlines Head-On.

πŸ“‰Β Reduce Overwhelming Workloads.

πŸ’€ End Late Nights in the Office.

πŸŽ‰ Keep Prospective Customers Happy.

Cutting-Edge Estimating Solutions for the Modern Builder.

Estimate anywhere. Cancel anytime.

or we can estimate for you

Builders Cost Estimator

Intuitive estimating tools designed to streamline your workflow, enhance decision-making, and boost your project success.

Job specific estimates

Move beyond relying on past project costs. Stay ahead with real-time updates on material prices through our reliable system. Before commencing work, revisit your estimates online to catch any price changes.

Work from anywhere

Maintain momentum on your tenders by accessing your estimates on any device - computer, phone, or tablet - streamlining your workflow.

Increase your profit

Effortlessly oversee your labor, materials, and equipment costs to maintain the profit margins you've planned for.

Collaborate with ease

Rely on Cost Estimator's online estimating service to ensure your tenders progress smoothly, especially when deadlines are tight.

Get your evenings back

Reclaim your evenings from endless estimating. Allocate that time to what you enjoy most.


Leverage Cost Estimator's advanced estimating software for quicker calculations that don’t compromise on precision, delivering bespoke quotes for every project.

Data-driven estimating: The key to success

Builders Cost Estimator

First principles estimating

Adopting the foundational approach of Cost Estimator instills confidence in your estimates by ensuring every unique construction cost for your project is identified and included.

Builders Cost Estimator

Admin controls

Streamline your cost estimation online with access to our extensive library of over 9,500 consistently monitored rates, or customize them using your own data through our user-friendly management tools.

Builders Cost Estimator


Simplify your estimating process. Should you need to divert your attention elsewhere and can’t complete an estimate, our estimating service can seamlessly take over for you. We’ll continue from where you left off and inform you when it’s finalized and awaiting your approval.

Running a construction company is challenging enough without the added stress of new systems. With our suite of services, you can simplify your estimating process and free up time to focus on your core business – building.

By following Cost Estimator’s first principles approach, you can be confident that your final estimate accounts for all construction costs unique to your project. With a comprehensive understanding of your project’s costs, you can make informed decisions with confidence.

Effortlessly manage your estimates online with Cost Estimator’s extensive rates library of over 9,500 regularly price-checked rates. Alternatively, update the library with your own company data using our powerful and user-friendly admin tools.

When you estimate with Cost Estimator, you can accelerate your tender timelines and bring your estimates to life faster. With everything in one place and easy to access, you can manage the entire process efficiently from a single login. Your team can work together seamlessly and you can gain a clear understanding of your project’s overall progress. Experience the peace of mind that comes with simplified estimating and reduced financial overhead.

Focus on your customers, anticipate their needs

From comprehensive estimates to customised reports with your company logo, we’ve designed and optimised in one place, so you can focus on delivering unparalleled service without sweating the small stuff.

Estimating Service

Our estimating service delivers an effortless approach to job pricing by supplying precise cost forecasts. Once the initial assessment is done, you’ll have the opportunity to examine and sanction the work, followed by accessing a detailed compilation of reports. This process not only conserves your energy and time but also makes your workflow more efficient.

Builders Cost Estimator

We provide you with:

  • Detailed cost breakdown
  • Bill of Quantities
  • Materials order schedule
  • Bespoke client report
  • Gantt chart schedule

Admin controls

Cost Estimator’s intuitive management tools enable you to tweak labour, equipment, and material rates, fine-tune profit margins, and generate revised estimates to accommodate project scope modifications.


Should other obligations prevent you from finishing an estimate, our estimating service is here to take over. Cost Estimator seamlessly continues from where you paused and will inform you as soon as the estimate is finalised and awaits your approval.

Builders Cost Estimator

Job specific estimates

Move away from relying on pricing from past projects. Keep abreast of material cost changes with Cost Estimator’s reliable system, and revisit your estimates whenever necessary to track price variations.

Increase productivity

Enhance your efficiency using Cost Estimator’s exclusive software, crafted to accelerate your estimating routine yet preserve precision. Our platform enables you to deliver distinct quotes for every project, ensuring effectiveness isn’t compromised.

Maximise your profits

Control your labour, materials, and equipment expenses using Cost Estimator. Our system guarantees your projected profit margins align with actual outcomes, providing the financial assurance needed to embark on additional projects.

Estimating Software

Strengthen your decision-making process with insights grounded in data, approach tenders with assurance, and realise your goals through Cost Estimator.

3D Rendering

Utilise Cost Estimator’s 3D rendering services to secure tenders, showcasing your concepts and capabilities in a manner that captivates potential clients.

Builders Cost Estimator

Exterior rendering

To demonstrate to prospective clients that you align with their vision, our exterior rendering services can play a crucial role in helping you secure that tender. Allow our visualisations to serve as persuasive depictions of your work, ensuring you make a lasting impression and successfully win clients over.

3d floor plan

Our 3D floor plans are designed to assist in planning and designing layout options, allowing prospective clients to envision their future home. Fully customisable to match your preferred aesthetic, these floor plans serve as powerful tools in presenting your work to clients effectively.

Improved success rate

Utilising engaging architectural renders at the tender phase has been proven to boost the likelihood of winning the tender by up to 18%.

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