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Explore remote-friendly, flexible opportunities and join our mission to make estimating simpler, more efficient and more productive for our customers.

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Join Cost Estimator and design your dream career from anywhere. We’re not just a job you work for—we’re building a company that works hard for its people in return.

Success First

Our core objective is to provide customer value, and we are confident that exceptional work and a supportive company culture will be key factors in achieving this goal.


Enjoy the benefits of remote working, including greater flexibility and work-life balance, while also being part of a positive and supportive company culture that fosters engagement and productivity.

High Standards

We are passionate about achieving. We challenge ourselves and those around us to aim high and pursue excellence. Our focus is on producing best-in-class work across all aspects of our operations.

Independent Thinkers

We like individuals who can think independently and who are not afraid to challenge conventional wisdom. we question the status quo in order to eliminate blind spots and innovate.

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