The deliberate decision to remain a small business is one of Cost Estimator’s priorities. To that end, we’ve decided to avoid investing a significant amount of money on recruiting a sales team and instead rely on a network of affiliates and agency partners to increase traffic to our website.

Successful Cost Estimator affiliates produce content to promote our services and then get paid a commission, on a regular basis, for referring new software users to us. If you’re looking to join our affiliate programme, you’ve come to the right place!

Build a sustainable, low-effort recurring source of revenue.

Affiliates of Cost Estimator are key assets in the expansion of our company. We’re pleased to provide a compensation structure that is favourable and aims to benefit all parties.

Tracking link

We provide each affiliate with a unique tracking link so we can keep track of the sign-ups they have sent our way.

20% commission

For all software payments that are successfully handled, affiliates receive a 20% commission - forever.

60-day cookie

We offer a 60-day tracking cookie to ensure you get the referral credit you deserve.

Your own dashboard

Get a dedicated affiliate dashboard where you can track real-time traffic, leads, and conversions.

How it works

1. Sign up

Click here to sign up as a Cost Estimator affiliate, which takes just a minute. To be a successful affiliate, you should believe in the importance of word-of-mouth marketing and the benefits of Cost Estimator. It’s not necessary to be a current Cost Estimator customer to benefit from this partnership.

2. Share your unique link

Start earning commission by sharing your unique link. We’ll provide you with everything you need to start promoting Cost Estimator!

  • Affiliate media kit (logos, images, content)
  • Affiliate dashboard to track your progress

3. Earn money

For every new customer you refer, you’ll get a 20% commission. You’ll get paid out via Wise payments for the duration of the customer’s subscription to Cost Estimator.

Become a Cost Estimator affiliate and earn 20% commission

Do you know of any Builders, architects or construction companies that could use a fast, reliable and accurate estimating software solution? Become a Cost Estimator affiliate and earn 20% commission for every software customer payment you refer.