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first principles estimating

First principles estimating

Following our first principle approach will give you confidence in your final estimate by ensuring that all construction costs specific to your project are known and have been accounted for.

admin panel

Admin controls

Manage your estimates utilising our comprehensive rates library of 9,500+ regularly price checked rates or update them with your own company data with powerful, easy-to-use admin tools.



Make your estimating easier. If you start an estimate and later find that you’re needed elsewhere, without the time to finish, hand-over your estimate to our estimating service and we’ll pick up where you left off. Notifying you once it’s complete and ready for approval.

What can Cost £stimator do for you?

Job specific estimates

Say goodbye to pricing based on previous jobs won, keep up to date with material price changes using our trusted system. Even re-run your estimates before work starts to monitor price fluctuations.

Work from anywhere

Keep tenders moving with access to your estimates from your computer, phone, or tablet, simplifying your processes.

Increase your profit

Easily manage your labour, material and plant costs to ensure the profit margins you set are the profit margins you receive.

Collaborate with ease

With our estimating service on standby you can be sure that tenders will be kept moving forward, even when time is short.

Get your evenings back

Stop spending all your evenings estimating, spend that time better, doing the things you love.


Use our proprietary software to speed up your estimating, without forfeiting accuracy. Ensuring you keep providing unique quotes for each of your jobs.

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