Top Reasons to Choose the North East of England for Living

Are you pondering where to plant your roots? If you have the flexibility to choose your dwelling, the North East of England offers an appealing blend of attributes that could elevate your lifestyle immeasurably. Let’s dive into why this region might just be the perfect spot for you.

Vibrant Culture and Community

The essence of the North East is its robust community vibe and rich cultural pride. Known for its friendly, straightforward people with a penchant for football and lively evenings, the region features dynamic cities like Newcastle and Durham. These cities pulse with life, buoyed by sizable student and professional populations. Despite the intriguing local dialect, you’ll find the residents nothing but warm and inviting.

Thriving Property Market in the North East of England

Historically noted as one of the more affordable areas in the UK, the North East’s property market is currently experiencing the most significant growth in value. As of June 2023, property values in the region surged by 4.7%—the highest annual growth rate in England. This spells wonderful news for potential homeowners: affordable properties with rapidly appreciating values. Whether you’re eyeing a modern new build in Newcastle or a charming older home nearby, now is an opportune moment to invest.

Expanding Employment Prospects

Though not traditionally seen as an economic powerhouse, the North East of England is brimming with job prospects, thanks to its multiple major urban centers and excellent rail connections. With ambitious plans to ramp up economic activities and employment opportunities, the future looks bright here. Cities like Leeds, Newcastle, York, and Durham are not only great places to live but are also poised for economic growth.

Excellent Transport Connectivity

Recent decades have seen significant improvements in the North East’s transport infrastructure, enhancing connections to both the north and south. Newcastle boasts an international airport, facilitating global travel. The LNER train service provides quick trips to major cities along the east coast up to Scotland. Whether you’re commuting for work or exploring the UK, the region’s transport services make it all effortless.

Natural Splendor and Historical Wonders

The region is a treasure trove of natural and historical sites. From the breathtaking Northumberland coastline to the majestic North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, nature’s best is just a short journey away. History buffs will relish exploring Hadrian’s Wall in Northumberland National Park, discovering Roman ruins, or visiting the iconic Bamburgh Castle situated against a dramatic seaside backdrop.

Is the North East of England calling your name?

With its compelling mix of vibrant culture, economic opportunities, scenic beauty, and historical richness, the North East of England offers a remarkable setting that could just capture your heart. Why not visit and see for yourself how well the North East suits you?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What makes the North East of England an attractive area for property investment?
    The region is currently experiencing the highest rate of property value growth in England, coupled with historically low prices, making it an ideal spot for both investment and affordable living.
  • Are there sufficient employment opportunities in the North East?
    Yes, with several significant urban centers and plans for economic expansion, the North East holds a promising future for job seekers.
  • How well connected is the North East of England?
    The region boasts excellent transport links including major railways and an international airport, facilitating easy local and international travel.
  • What can nature lovers and history enthusiasts find in the North East?
    The region is rich in natural landscapes and historical sites, including the Northumberland National Park and numerous historical landmarks like Bamburgh Castle.
  • Is the local community welcoming to newcomers?
    Known for its warm and friendly residents, the North East of England is renowned for its hospitality and community spirit.
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