Tackling Rising Energy Bills

In the face of soaring energy costs and an ongoing cost of living crisis, it’s becoming increasingly important to understand how you can enhance the energy efficiency of your property. With wise investments in your home or building project, not only can you reduce financial strains but also contribute significantly to environmental conservation.

Key Energy Efficiency Upgrades for Your Home

Improving your home’s energy efficiency can be tackled through various methods. Let’s explore some of the most effective upgrades:

Effective Glazing: Double or Triple

Installing double or triple glazed windows is a game changer. These windows trap air between glass panes, forming a barrier that minimizes heat loss, noise, and condensation. A simple yet effective step towards a snugger home.

Loft Insulation: Keep the Heat

Did you know that a non-insulated loft can lead to losing up to a third of your home’s heat through the roof? Loft insulation is a straightforward and efficient fix to keep your heat where it belongs — inside your home.

Wall Insulation: Cavity and Solid Walls

For homes built post-1920 featuring cavity walls, insulating these can prevent heat from escaping. Similarly, properties with solid walls will benefit from either internal or external insulation to curtail heat loss.

Beneath Your Feet: Floor Insulation

Lifting up floorboards to place insulation between joists may sound daunting, but it’s an effective way to prevent unnecessary heat loss. Sealing gaps with silicone sealant further draught-proofs your home.

Upgrade Your Boiler and Heating Controls

Switching to a high-efficiency condensing boiler equipped with smart heating controls not only slashes your bills but also cuts down on carbon emissions. It’s a win-win for both your wallet and the planet!

Resources and Assistance for Implementing Energy Saving Measures

If the financial aspect of upgrading worries you, rest assured that help is at hand. Homeowners, and sometimes renters, can access government grants and funding specifically designed to enhance energy efficiency. Whether it’s for insulation efforts or installing double-glazing, support is available.

Accessing Expert Help

Not sure where to start? Our ‘Find a Trade Professional’ page connects you with skilled experts who can guide you through your energy-saving projects.


Optimising your home’s energy efficiency is an invaluable step towards managing your expenses and contributing to wider environmental goals. By addressing areas like glazing, insulation, and heating, you can significantly diminish your energy consumption. Dive into our Sustainability Hub for more detailed guides and embrace sustainable living today!


    • What are the most cost-effective energy-saving upgrades?

Installing loft and cavity wall insulation are often the most cost-effective upgrades. Upgrading to a high-efficiency boiler can also offer substantial savings over time. There are also Government backed loans to help with initial outlay coosts.

    • Can renters also benefit from government energy efficiency schemes?

Yes, certain programs are available for renters as well, although permissions from landlords may be required.

    • How does double glazing help reduce energy costs?

Double glazing reduces the amount of heat escaping through windows, thereby lowering the need for heating and saving energy costs.

    • Is it worth insulating a property with solid walls?

Yes, insulated solid walls can significantly reduce heat loss, making it a worthwhile investment for energy saving and comfort.

    • Are there eco-friendly insulation materials?

Yes, there are several eco-friendly options available, including sheep’s wool, cellulose, and cork.

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