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Accurate cost estimation is critical for construction project success. With the complexity of construction projects and the short deadlines, construction professionals have started relying on construction Estimating software for contractors for precision and efficiency. This blog post explores what it is and its relevance in today’s construction industry.

What is Estimating Software?

It is a computer program explicitly designs to calculate and manage the costs of materials, equipment, and labor required for a construction project, using advanced algorithms and formulas to generate fast and accurate results.

Why Should You Use Estimating Software?

It automates the estimation process, saving time and increasing the accuracy of estimates. It also allows adjustments to be made swiftly based on changes in project scope or materials. This makes it a valuable tool for contractors, architects, and quantity surveyors looking to deliver projects faster and more efficiently.

Cost Estimator only uses it’s own bespoke proprietory software solution.

Types of Estimating Software

There are two primary types available:

  • Spreadsheet-Based Software: These programs use spreadsheets like Excel and Google Sheets, allowing construction professionals to import data and configure results.
  • Industry-Specific Estimating Software: These programs are designed explicitly for particular construction industries, such as electrical, mechanical, or plumbing.

Estimating in BIM and Revit

Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Revit are becoming increasingly popular for construction cost estimation. BIM software can provide precise 3D models for estimating purposes, while Revit can perform material take-offs that provide accurate quantity survey data. With the BIM model at the centre of the project, the quantity surveyor and estimator can plan, cost, and manage construction projects with greater accuracy and visibility.


A software solution for contractors offers an innovative approach to construction cost estimating. It automates the estimation process, eliminating human errors and increasing the accuracy of cost estimates. Leveraging technology like BIM and Revit alongside estimating software has become paramount in ensuring construction projects deliver on time and within budget.

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