Cost to Build a Garage in 2024: Ultimate UK Pricing Guide

Are you considering adding a garage to your property but anxious about how much it might set you back? It’s true, the price of constructing new garages has seen an uptick recently. Various factors, including size, design complexity, and location within the UK, significantly influence the overall costs. In this guide, we delve into the nuances of building different types of garages – from simple designs to more elaborate constructions. read more to find out about Garage Construction Costs UK 2024.

Exploring the Cost Dynamics Across Different Garage Types

To provide a clearer insight into the budget needed for each garage type, let’s compare four typical garage models:

  • A single garage with a flat roof
  • A single garage with a pitched roof
  • A double garage with a flat roof
  • A double garage with a pitched roof

The Calculation Method

We adopt a uniform approach to estimate costs in various locales, focusing on garages as expansions to existing buildings rather than standalone structures. Typical garage dimensions in the UK are:

  • Single – 10 x 18 feet
  • Double – 18 x 18 feet

For the sake of simplicity, all garage construction costs UK 2024 cost estimations here apply a mid-spec finish provided by our in house estimators.

Cost Variability by Contractor Type

Budgets can also vary significantly based on the contractor chosen. We categorise contractors into:

  • Low Benchmark: Ideal for tight budgets, usually smaller companies offering lower costs but limited specialisation.
  • Mid Benchmark: Medium-sized companies that balance cost and specialisation, perfect for moderate budgets.
  • High Benchmark: Larger companies that, while more expensive, can manage a wide range of specialized tasks efficiently.

Detailed Cost Analysis for Various Garage Types

Single Garage with a Flat Roof

Building a single garage with a flat roof falls between £21,047 to £32,987, with the average cost around £25,023 or £1,516 per square metre.

Single Garage with a Pitched Roof

Expected costs for a pitched roof option range from £24,686 to £39,296, setting the average at about £29,668 or £2,382 per square metre.

Double Garage with a Flat Roof

This roomier option ranges from £30,039 to £47,397, with a mean cost of £35,882 or approximately £1,186 per square metre.

Double Garage with a Pitched Roof

For a more substantial and aesthetically pleasing double garage with a pitched roof, anticipate spending between £35,840 and £57,322, averaging around £43,204 or £1,428 per square metre.

Conclusion: Estimating Your Garage Building Costs

Clearly, the costs associated with garage construction in the UK can vary broadly based on several factors including location, garage type, and the choice of contractor. Building in pricier areas like London could inflate your budget substantially. Conversely, opting for locations such as Northern England might provide cost-saving opportunities. Remember, economies of scale can also play a significant role in cost efficiency for larger projects.

Interested in getting a more tailored estimate for your garage construction project? Our estimators can help!

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