Cost of Building a Bungalow in the UK: Everything You Need to Know

A Cost Overview for 2024

With the UK’s population ageing gracefully, the demand for single-storey living is soaring. In 2023, bungalow prices surged by a whopping 17%, a considerable increase compared to other property types. But what does it really cost to build a bungalow today? We’re here to unfold the costs across various regions and types in the UK.

The Varied Cost of Bungalow Construction

Considering building your dream bungalow? Let’s explore the financial aspect by delving into the cost of constructing different types of bungalows:

  • Two-bedroom bungalow (90m2)
  • Three-bedroom bungalow (100m2)
  • Three-bedroom bungalow with extras like a garage and driveway (125m2)

The Bungalow Shortage Dilemma

Bungalows, ideal for those with mobility issues, are now becoming a rarity. According to the National House Building Council (NHBC), bungalow construction has plummeted to an 80-year low, spotlighting a critical housing shortage for the elderly, who make up 18% of the UK population. With over 10 million people aged 65 and over, and projections showing significant increases in this age group, the need for such housing is more pressing than ever.

Breaking Down Costs by Specification

Cost estimates were calculated across nine key regions in the UK, considering three specification levels:

  • Low Specification (ideal for tighter budgets)
  • Mid Specification (offers a balance between cost and quality)
  • High Specification (for those seeking luxury finishes)

Cost Of Building A Two-Bed Bungalow (90m2)

Building a quaint two-bedroom bungalow costs between £146,917 and £227,662, depending on location and specification, with an average cost per square metre around £1,951.

Expanding to a Three-Bed

A three-bedroom bungalow, offering more space, costs slightly more, ranging from £157,344 to £244,445. The average construction cost here works out to approximately £1,881 per square metre.

Adding Luxury: Three-Bed Bungalow with Garage and Driveway

The inclusion of a garage and driveway pushes the average cost higher, ranging from £164,058 to £259,317, equating to around £1,584 per square metre.

Comprehensive Costs Considered

It’s important to remember these figures exclude VAT and do not cover additional fees for utilities installation, design professionals, or unforeseen construction challenges.

At Cost Estimator we have a number of handy ‘How much does it cost to…’ construction calculators, covering: cavity walls, plastering and tiling.

Frequently Asked Questions About Build Cost Of Bungalows

Can I build a bungalow in my back garden?

Absolutely, though you’ll need to secure planning permission and ensure compliance with local building regulations.

Can you build up on a bungalow?

Yes, you can add a second storey to your bungalow after assessing the existing foundations and obtaining the necessary planning consents.

Is there a shortage of bungalows?

Indeed, there is a marked shortage, driven by both low construction rates and high demand, particularly from the ageing population seeking accessible living options.

How do the costs vary across different regions?

Building costs vary widely, with typically higher costs in London and the South East compared to other regions like the Midlands or Northern England.

What additional cost factors should I consider?

Don’t overlook potential costs related to site preparation, legal fees, and additional permits, as well as a possible contingency budget to cover unexpected expenses.

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